I achieved more in 3 months of training
than 7 years of counseling

With Inner Strength Training I’ve achieved more in 3 months than I did with 7 years of counseling prior. Anxiety and depression have been replaced by a growing sense of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-love. I finally am engaging with myself and the world in a positive way, and things I’ve wanted for years are finally happening. Inner Strength Training has allowed me to discover more about myself than I ever imagined. I can’t recommend it enough. – David (37)

In only two months my anxiety dropped 50%

I have been battling social anxiety for years. I’ve worked with therapists, counselors, psychiatrists – all with minimal results. Yet after just two months of working with J my anxiety has dropped over 50%. I’m finally developing a sense of strength and self-worth from within.” – Steven (21)

I’m finally solving my problems
of just “coping”

I’ve done Inner Strength Training for just over a year and the amount of change I’ve achieved is unreal. I’ve worked with others in the past but never really progressed. I was never challenged to grow or kept on target – but not anymore. J is a firm and deeply compassionate anchor that keeps me rooted to myself so I can conquer obstacles head on. I’m finally addressing the root of my problems instead of just “coping” like I did with everyone else. My only regret is how long I waited to pull the trigger and start. If you want to make real change DON’T WAIT! – Kayla (35)

My son finally believes he can take back control of his life

J has been coaching my 20-year-old son (diagnosed with Anxiety & ADHD) for the last four months. In that short period of time I’ve seen outstanding improvement – there’s a self-confidence I have never seen before and my son finally believes he can take back control of his life. J’s Inner Strength approach has done wonders for us. I can’t recommend his services enough for any parent seeking help for a child that could use some coaching and real life guidance to overcome the challenges they’re facing. – George (Parent)

I recommend Inner Strength Training for any professional, personal, or spiritual adventures

I began IST while working as a Cross Country and Track & Field Coach at at Duquesne University. After just a few months together I went on to become the Women’s Atlantic 10 Cross Country Coach of the Year and led the team to win the Atlantic 10 Championship. Inner Strength Training helped me to focus, build my drive, and balance my life in a unique way. I highly recommend it for any of your business, personal, or spiritual adventures. – Tom (32)

Become an Inner Strength Warrior

This is a program for individuals who want to excel at being themselves

Our approach is lean, direct and efficient. After a brief initial assessment (which is mandatory before any money is exchanged) we will create a basic outline for moving ahead. Our goal is to get you in and out in six months or less. If you choose to remain on at a part time basis afterwards (as many do, meeting once or twice a month) you are more than free to. However, it is not our intention to work with people indefinitely.

This program works best for those who love the idea of self-training. Mental and emotional training is no different is no different than physical – it requires you to consistently show up, put in effort (hopefully with some degree of joy) and push yourself past your comfort zone.

Our goal is to bring who YOU really are to the surface – which will require you to let go of everything else. If that sounds like a mountain you’re willing to conquer and an opportunity you find exciting, you will excel at this approach.