Build Strength & Use It

Inner Strength is a muscle, not magic. We build it by exercising it daily and using our newfound strength to pursue those things which matter to us most. Consistency and focus are key.

I invite everyone to try this process out for at least 21 days. Give it a shot and see what happens for you. What do you have to lose? Shoot me an email at and let me know how it goes!


Step 1: Create Your “Strong Self”


While there are numerous ways to develop a daily inner strength self-training routine, one of the easiest and most effective is to create a “model self.” This the version of ourselves that would exist if we believed our Strength Declarations to be 100% iron-clad truth. Our Strong Selves represent our best from within. The more we can connect with them, the better.

Getting Ready: Creating Your Strong Self
(Time: Just a few minutes to start & refined over time)

Read through your Strength Declaration. What version of your would exist if you believed every sentence here to be 100% truth?

This is your Strong Self. Given them a name and/or title. (Most choose to give some variation of their own name, such as “Strong Dan” or nicknames such as “E” for “Emily”, etc. Whatever you like most.)

Explore your Strong Self. Since they believe everything in your Declaration to be truth, how do they see themselves and the world? How do they think, speak and act? What is important to them – and what is entirely meaningless?

As your Strong Self exists in a place of strength the following should be assumed: they consistently engage with you from a place of strength, compassion and love. They unconditionally accept you, warts and all. They see you as complete and whole. Whether you succeed or fail they remain. No matter what, their ultimate desire for you is one thing above all – to express your light within.

Move on to the next step once you have at least a vague idea of who this person is.

Daily Training Practice: Connect Each Morning (or Evening) for 21 Days
(Time: 5-10 minutes/day)

Take five minutes each morning to sit down with a pen and paper. Put on a timer and ask yourself some variation of the following question: if my “strong self” could speak to me right now, what would they want me to hear?

This practice is especially useful when making decisions. Perhaps you have an issue at work, personal struggle or . You can try to figure this out entirely on your own – or you can ask your Strong Self for advice. The more you work with your Strong Self the easier this process becomes.

While this method calls for a set daily routine (remember, nothing happens without consistency) it can be used as many times throughout the day as you like. The more you use this process, the better.

The Next Step: Live as Your Strong Self
(Time: 5 – 20 minute each morning & attempt to maintain throughout the day)

Why just speak to your Strong Self when you can become them? Spend 5-20 minutes in quiet meditation each morning letting go and sinking in to your Strong Self. Most who use this method do it with a tool or mantra that lets them make the switch; often one which is inspired by their Strength Declaration. While this method isn’t difficult it can take a bit of personal tweaking to get right. It will be covered in the blog soon – until then, feel free to message me if you’re curious for more:

Step 2: Pursue a Strength Project

What would you finally pursue if you knew you had the strength to see it through?


Maybe you’ve always wanted to open a restaurant, write a book, change careers, or create an invention. Or, maybe you want to improve your relationship, get back in shape or finally address and resolve your lingering anxiety/depression. Whatever your answer is, it’s time to pursue it from a place of strength.

If you’re here then you’re probably a High Potential Individual – one who was born with the fire and drive to build, create and take action. Pursuing goals likely isn’t difficult for you – instead, the challenge is pursuing the right ones.

Getting Ready: Picking a Project
(Time: Spend at least a day mulling this over, you’ll be dedicating yourself to it for three weeks)

A good Strength Project both challenges and excites us. It allows us to exercise our inner strength while creating tangible, measurable results. The more we pursue it the more we begin to remember who we really are.

Achieving from a place of strength requires us to hold at least three key assumptions about ourselves:

  1. We’re already enough. We’re here to express and give, not hide and take.
  2. We’re strong, capable and innovative. We can adapt and overcome anything.
  3. We are free to create our lives as we see fit. We create our future through the choices we make now.

What would you be inspired to pursue if each of the above were true?

If you’re stuck, turn to your Strong Self instead – what would they encourage you to pursue for the next three weeks?

It can be as big as finally chasing your dreams or simply cutting the excuses and finally hitting the gym. Trust your gut. You’re doing this for nobody but you.

Daily Practice: 21 Days of Consistent Effort
(Time: Varies, but daily)

21 days of progress – no exceptions. Our primary objective is one thing above all: consistency.

Nothing happens without consistency. We’re not looking for the major fireworks of boom-and-bust. Instead, we’re here to create a slow-burning fire of self-motivation and action.

Keep this in mind as you pursue you project. Whatever strategy you pick must be sustainable and maintainable over the long run. It’s far better to start small and grow then start big and blow up all at once.

Daily Goal: Achieve at least ONE measurable victory made in pursuit of your Project. More are welcome but one is the absolute minimum. Big or small it doesn’t matter; progress is progress.

That’s It!

Whatever your Strength Project is, pick it and stick to it for at least 21 days. After that you can drop it, expand on it, or pivot to something entirely new. But nothing comes without consistency – and if we’re here to practice a habit of strength we need to approach it as such.

Bonus: Record Nightly Victories, Progress & Lessons

This is listed as a “bonus” because we don’t want to overload with everything all at once. However, the power of focused journaling and recording cannot be overstated.

1) Create a Victory List

Get out a piece of paper and put it on your wall where you can see it daily. Tape it up, nail it up, whatever. This is your Victory List. Put your daily victories up there and record tone-cold proof that you are strong. No matter what doubts creep in, you’ll be armed to the teeth with facts that say otherwise.

2) Journal & Debrief

What went well?
What can be improved?
How can you address your project or life itself differently tomorrow?

There’s a reason professional athletes watch their past performances and fighter pilots sit debrief after training flights. The more we review our past performance the quicker we can move ahead. You can conduct this journal with bullet points, paragraphs, whatever. It’s yours. Make it work for you.