Make It Yours

This is YOUR declaration. Read it, modify it and add your signature once it’s true for you. If you’d like, send in your copy as well. This is a community. As more and more people send in their declarations the original will be modified as well. Our goal is to create the single most powerful paragraph possible – each person’s contribution helps make this possible.

A Declaration of Strength

I am strong.  I can handle anything that comes my way. I know my strength and trust in it.  I face my fears directly.  I am enough.  I was born complete.  I’m here to express my worth, not prove it.  I am responsible for my life.  My thoughts, words and actions are my weapons and tools.  Through my choices I create my future.  I know what fire burns within me and honor it.  I recognize my potential and act on it.  I already have all the courage, power and strength I need.  Everything I seek is within me.  I take decisive action now.  I am strong.

Your Personal Declaration of Strength